Curriculum and Learning Resources

Our school meets the BC Curriculum requirements and has a Group 1 Independent School Status. Our academic program is based on the Ministry of Education curriculum and includes the courses outlined for Language Arts, Math, Science, French (Grade 5-7), Physical Education and Fine Arts (Music, Art and Drama). The school program provides for daily Religion classes and a Family Life Program. The curriculum is supplemented with French (K-3), Computer and Library Research. At O.L.P.H. School “God, His Truth and His Life are integrated into each and every aspect of the life of the school.”

The Learning Assistance/Special Needs Program is a school-based program which assists the classroom teacher in meeting the needs of their students. Children, in their uniqueness, exhibit a variety of learning styles, intellectual abilities and interests. Some children may have special learning needs and require adaptations to their program or special assistance.

The roles of the LAT Specialists including providing assessments, giving direct instruction, providing special programming suggestions and material and connecting with appropriate community resources such as health professionals, social services, vision/health, etc.

When a child is referred for learning assistance help, the parents/legal guardians are first notified by the classroom teacher. The LAT Specialist, classroom teacher, administration, parents/legal guardians and child form a team (to identify learning needs and how they can best be met).

If a child’s program is adapted or modified, or if he/she receives a regular direct instruction in a Learning Assistance Program, written permission will be required from the parent/legal guardian. Regular reports will be part of the term report cards, more frequently if necessary. Written notification will also be given when the program ends. Parent/legal guardian support is vital.