Principal’s Message

To All Parents, Students & Community Members of OLPH School

We would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you, and your loved ones, a safe and blessed  Thanksgiving long weekend.  May God continue to be an integral part of your daily lives and shower you with his love and guidance.  We all know we have many things to be thankful for this time of year and what better way to express that gratitude than with our families and those we hold dear to us.

Blessings in Christ,
The Staff of OLPH School

O Lord, with humble hearts we pray
Thy blessing this Thanksgiving Day
And ask that at table place,
Where grateful folk say words of grace,
That Thou will come to share the yield
Thy bounty gave to farm and field.
We pray thy love will bless, O Lord,
Each hearth, each home, each festive board;
And that Thy peace will come to stay
Where candles glow, Thanksgiving Day. 

~Brian F. King~

School Communications

This year our school will continue to send our memos home by email on a weekly basis. It is important that you keep informed on the happenings in our school by checking your email on a regular basis. Our memos will also be posted on our website. If your family does not have a computer, email, or internet please let us know and we will send your copy home with your children. If you did not include your email address on your registration form, please notify the school office. 

Parent Volunteers

Please ensure you have an updated criminal record check performed and submitted to the office; these forms can be picked up at the school office. Criminal record checks are valid for 5 years. The office has records of who has completed criminal record checks as well as when they expire. Please confirm this information at your earliest convenience.
Parent Drivers: The following pieces of information are required for any parents volunteering to drive our students to various school events during the 2013-2014 academic year:


Parents/Guardians, if your child is going to be absent from the school due to sickness or any other reason, please notify the school office first thing in the morning. A note from parents is required for all absentees, lates and if your child has to leave the school at anytime. These notes are mandatory for our files and are needed for audit purposes.
Students are not allowed to leave the school property at any time unless accompanied by their parent or guardian, including the lunch hour.
O.L.P.H. School provides supervision of its students between the hours of 8:10 am and 3:00 pm daily. Beyond these times, supervision of your children is not provided. Alternate arrangements must be made to ensure their safety – before school hours and after 3:00 pm. If you need the services of our Before & After School Care Program, call Gina Carlucci at 250-554-9371.


Our Lady of Perpetual Help School enjoys a very comfortable relationship with its community members. Together, we join in the educational journey of our children. We enjoy an “open door” relationship with our parents. In this way, we promote positive, pro-active interactions between parents and teachers. Should you require a meeting with your child’s teacher or administration, please contact the teacher in advance (by phone or by note) to set a mutually agreeable date and time. “Drop-ins’ can be quite disruptive and may disrespect teacher obligations and duties. Thank you for helping to minimize the classroom disruptions during the day!


Visitors to our school are always welcome. For safety reasons we request that all visitors report to the main office upon arrival. At the end of the day we ask that all Kindergarten to Grade 7 parents/guardians wait for their children outside the school. Thank you for your cooperation!


Each morning, announcements begin at 8:30 am. The continual late arrivals are disruptive to the start of the day, not only for the students, but also for the class. Those students that arrive to the school during morning announcements will be asked to remain at the office until all announcements are finished. 


For the safety of our students, it is important that when dropping off or picking up your child(ren), drivers please PARK IN A STALL.  This courtesy also prevents the back-up of traffic coming in from the Poplar Street entrance and Tranquille Road. The maximum speed limit in our parking lot is 5km/h. 
Kindergarten parents please note:
When dropping off Kindergarten students in the morning please park in the front of the school and walk around to the back to take your child to the classroom. There are students playing in the side and back parking lots during the day. You may park in the back of the school at the end of the day for student pick up.


There are students in our school who may require emergency care by our school staff. These conditions are physically diagnosed, and potentially life threatening. They require planned care and support inside as well as outside the school environment. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to inform the school of their child’s medical alert condition throughout the school year. It is a joint partnership between team members: students, parents, school, physician and Public Health Nurse to ensure the safety of your child.           
Parents are also reminded that during the cold and flu season if your child is experiencing these symptoms we ask that you keep your child at home until they are completely well. If your child is not well enough to go outside or take part in PE we ask that you keep them at home. We thank you for your cooperation in this matter. 
A reminder to Kindergarten parents, if your child has not received their Kindergarten boosters please contact the Public Health Unit at 250-851-7300 to make arrangements. 


Here at Our Lady of Perpetual Help School there are students who have severe and potentially life threatening allergies, primarily to peanuts and other types of nuts. In consultation with local health professionals, we feel that the best way that we can reduce the risk of an accidental exposure to these students is to respectfully ask for the cooperation of our parents and students to:
  • Avoid sending peanut butter or products with peanuts or nuts listed in the ingredients. 
  • Discuss as a family the importance of being vigilant in reading ingredient labels, determining healthy and nutritional alternatives to peanuts, nuts and their by-products and the sharing food with others
Your cooperation and understanding of this matter is greatly appreciated.
What is an Allergy? Allergies occur when the immune system becomes unusually sensitive and overacts to common substances that are normally harmless. For example:
  • Foods – eggs, milk, peanuts/nuts, shellfish and some food additives (MSG)
  • Stings – from bees, wasps, hornets and some ants
  • Medications – penicillin, sulpha drugs
  • Exercise
  • Latex (gloves/medical devices)
What is Anaphylaxis?
  • Occurs when a person is exposed to an allergen causing a severe, life-threatening allergic response
  • Reactions commonly occur within 10-30 minutes but can be delayed for 2-3 hours
  • Affects various organ systems including the skin, respiratory and cardiovascular


The NO Child Without program offers a free Medic Alert membership to students who attend our school and are between the ages of 4 and up to their 14th birthday. If your child has a medical condition, allergy, or is required to take medication on a regular basis then you should consider a Medic Alert membership through this program.
Your child’s voice is an emergency, Medic Alert membership:
  • Gives emergency first responders immediate access to your child’s medical information on their Medic Alert bracelet or necklace
  • Enables first responders to quickly obtain up to date medical information by means of the child’s Electronic Health Record through the 24 Hour Emergency Hotline.
  • Communicates with the parent or emergency contact upon activation of the Hotline Allows free updates of the child’s medical record as needed
MedicAlert identification can alert school staff, friends, coaches and others about your child’s medical condition should an emergency occur. For further information contact the school office If your child is already part of the No Child Without program and there have been changes to their medical condition, medications or emergency contact information, call MedicAlert at 1-866-679-3220 Ext 1 to update your child’s file.


Items such as radios, MP3s, IPods, Cell Phones, DS games, etc. are not to be brought or to be used during the school day (including recess and lunch). In the event that a student is found to be using such item, the item will be confiscated by staff and stored at the office until the end of the day.  The school will not be held responsible if any such items are lost or stolen. We thank you for your co-operation in this matter.


Parents please note that we will continue with our reverse lunch hour this school year for our students. Students will have Outside Play from 12:00—12:25 and then from 12:25 to 12:40 they will eat their lunch Inside their classrooms. 

O.L.P.H. School Uniform Policy

All O.L.P.H. School students from Kindergarten to Grade Seven will be expected to comply with the uniform policy as established by the School Council. The philosophy of a uniform is that students are “the same” in their attire and that this will reduce the pressure for students to wear particular brands of clothing or look a certain way. This then allows students to focus on their academic, spiritual and social development rather than concerning themselves with the latest trends and fads in outward appearance. Parents/Legal guardians have the responsibility to ensure that their child comes to school dressed in the proper uniform. Parents/legal Guardians will be contacted by the school Administrator if there is a concern about the completeness or correctness of the school
uniform that is to be worn.
GIRLS: Uniforms must be purchased through Cambridge & Company
Navy Tunic, Skort or Navy Pants (must be no greater than 4” above the top of the kneecap), Navy unisex shorts are only to be worn during the months of May, June and September, White and/or Navy Polo shirts with school logo, Navy sweatshirt or vest with school logo (optional) students must wear the white and/or polo shirt with this uniform piece, White, Navy/Black leotards or socks (NO LOGO), White, Navy hair accessories, Earrings – STUDS ONLY, NO nail polish, and NO make-up.
BOYS: Uniforms must be purchased through Cambridge & Company
Navy Pants, Navy unisex shorts are only to be worn during the months of May, June and September, White and/or Navy Polo shirt with school logo, Navy sweatshirt or vest with school logo (optional) students must wear the white and/or navy polo shirt with this uniform piece, White, Navy/Black socks (NO LOGO), NO Earrings.
Royal Blue Dolphin T-shirt, Navy blue shorts, runners with non-marking soles for gym wear only. Gymstrip is purchased through the school $6 T-shirts and $11 Navy shorts. The Wear may be ordered through the school office and may only be worn outside or for sporting events. They are not part of the school uniform and are optional pieces.
Hair Color/Uniform Policy:
Our Lady of Perpetual Help School Council has determined that the school will follow the present school policy regarding hair color which states that: “students may not have bleached, dyed, or colored hair”. The reasoning for this decision was that the hair policy is an extension of the uniform policy. The philosophy of a uniform is that students are “the same” in their attire and that this will reduce the pressure for students to wear particular brands of clothing or look a certain way. This then allows students to focus on their academic, spiritual and social development rather than concerning themselves with the latest trends and fads in outward appearance.
To purchase new uniforms from Cambridge & Company please contact them directly by phoning their Toll Free: 1-800-924-9069 or their website:  Their store is located at #112-2455 Dollarton Highway, North Vancouver.

School Uniform Swap

Our Uniform Swap is an ongoing program here at our school. There is a shelving unit set up in the main entrance of the school for your used uniforms. Parents, if you have used uniforms that you would like to sell at this swap, please follow the guidelines listed below:
  • Uniforms to be sold must comply with the school uniform policy
  • All items must be freshly laundered, please provide hangers for tunics
  • All items must be in excellent condition (no holes, no faded items, wear-outs or stains). Items not in excellent condition should be sold at a reduced rate or donated.
  • Please label EACH item with your name (first/last), size of item and asking price. Use an adhesive label (masking tape or green painter’s tape seem to work the best!) Any items you wish to donate, please label as O.L.P.H.
SUGGESTED PRICING: Tunics: $15-20, Pants: $10, Skorts & Dress Shorts: $10, Shirts: $5, Vests: $10, Sweatshirts: $10


Please remember to save your Campbell’s Soup labels over the school year. This is an ongoing program…the more labels…the more free merchandise we can pick out for our school. 
Our school collects empty bottles, cans and juice containers for the Holy Childhood program throughout the school year. If you would like to support and donate to this program, we ask that you either drop off your empties at the school or take them to the Bottle Depot and bring the money and receipt to the school office. Please note: the receipt is necessary to record our recycling status as part of the Encorp Program for recycling.
On behalf of the school, we wish to thank all our students and their families for supporting our Holy Childhood Association.  Last year we raised approximately $1500.00 for this important project that we support here at our school.


The goal of this program is to encourage the active participation of all our parents in our school community and to appreciate their obligation to assist in the operation and development of the school. Parent participation hours should be enjoyable and rewarding as we build a stronger community among our school community. 
Your TTTP card is to keep track of your Volunteer hours parents are asked to pick them up at the office. Upon completion of your volunteer hours, please submit your card to the school office and your $200 deposit cheque will be returned to you. 


St. Joseph’s Christian Book, Gift & Church Supply would like to invite parents and friends of O.L.P.H. School to stop by and shop placement of any orders for books or gifts are most welcome.  The store is located at 256 Nicola Street (formerly Loaves & Fishes) opposite the Sacred Heart Cathedral.  Telephone  778-471-6100 Email:  Hours for the month are Monday to Friday 8am-6pm and Saturday 9am-3pm.


Parents, don’t forget that the school is selling Gift Cards as an on-going fundraiser for our school. For your shopping experience, the school does have Gift Cards on hand Superstore/Extra Foods, Safeway, Chevron, Esso, Starbucks, Cineplex Movies Bucks, ITunes and Bed Bath & Beyond, etc. It is easy to support the school without costing you any extra money-makes it more convenient to pay for your shopping! If you wish to place an order for Gift Cards stop by the school office.